Ashlyn and Chance what can we say, it was a beautiful wedding with lovely family and friends by your side. It was a GORGEOUS wedding. Thank you for choosing Camryn's Place and best wishes for a long and happy marriage


Ciara and Nathan, surrounded by their friends, family and sweet Blaine said their I do's on June 25th. Ciara made a GORGEOUS bride and Nathan was grinning from ear to ear when he saw her in the most amazing dress. Best Wishes you guys for a long and happy marriage.


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This couple is extra special to us at Camryn's Place. Dylan has been a personal friend and coworker. We are truly humbled that you allowed us the privilege of working with you both. We are so excited for your future as husband and wife. CONGRATULATIONS

Rachel and Bobby correct.jpg

Talk about a sweet couple!! Rachel and Bobby were so much fun and like part of the family. Thank you both for choosing us. We are so honored and blessed to know you. CONGRATULATIONS

Photography by Kelsey Burris


We made new friends at this couples wedding. This bride and groom were so down to earth and became our friends by the end of the night. It was a gorgeous day with the BEST family and friends. Thank you both for choosing us. BEST WISHES ` Kevin and Kelly

Shaley and Colton_edited_edited.jpg

We were so honored to be a part of this beautiful wedding. The absolute sweetest bride, groom and family. It was truly the BEST DAY. Thank you Shaley and Colton for choosing Camryn's Place


We have the sweetest couples at Camryn's Place!! These two were so laid back and just happy to be finally getting married. They are both the sweetest souls. Thanks you Chelsey and Roger for choosing us. Congratulations.

Photography by: Jayme Smith Photography

shiann and Justin.jpg

Shiann and Just were married on 11.13.21. These two had the sweetest people in their bridal party and were so good to work with. It was a GORGEOUS wedding. Congratulations Shiann and Justin. We wish you two the best

Emily and Zach correct.jpg

Emily and Zach thank you so much for your trust in Camryn's Place for your wedding. It was just a GORGEOUS, FUN wedding and you both looked AMAZING


Blessed is the word that comes to mind with this bride and groom and their family and friends. Such a beautiful day and couple. Thank you Brooke and Chris for trusting us for this important day. Congratulations

Emma and Trenton.jpg

What an amazing day with their family and friends surrounding them to celebrate. Congratulations Emma and Trenton and THANK YOU for choosing us. We were honored you did.

Photograpy By: Petunias Phetography

Alauren and Brandon.jpg

ALauren and Brandon Thank you for trusting us for this most important day. Your wedding was absolutely precious. ALauren you made a BEAUTIFUL bride and Brandon could not quit smiling. Best Wishes to you both for a long and happy marriage.

courtney and Justin.jpg

Courtney and Justin, where do I even begin? You two were so very happy the ENTIRE day and ALL SMILES. What a GORGEOUS wedding with beautiful family and friends. Thank you for blessing us and trusting us. BEST WISHES --Kevin & Kelly

Michelle and Ryan.jpg

This was a fun one!! Michelle and Ryan were both so much fun to work with and the wedding was one for the books. Their guests seemed to have had the BEST TIME. Michelle and Ryan we wish you guys the absolute best. 9.18.21


Chris and Julie had the most beautiful wedding in September. Pumpkins were plentiful and oh so festive.  Weather was perfect and we are so happy for them both. Congratulations you two!!!


What a precious wedding and day. This Bride and Groom was so special to us and we will forever be grateful that you chose us for this very important day. CONGRATULATIONS

Brandi and Todd.jpg

I am at a loss for words over these two! Two of the kindest souls we have had the pleasure to work with on this journey. Brandi and Todd were the "perfect couple" and couple that with an amazing family and friends. IT is a venue owners dream wedding. Thank you Brandi, Todd and family for making this job a dream come true. Congratulation and best wishes for many many years together 

Photography by: Leah Williams Photography

Brittany and Eric.jpg

The sweetest Bride and Groom. Both Brittany and Eric smiled the entire day. It was a GORGEOUS wedding with the sweetest people. Thank you for choosing us you two. CONGRATULATIONS

Stacey and David.jpg

Stacey and David chose Camryn's Place for their big day. The two were wed on April 10th. What a special day for these two. Congratulations Stacey and David and thank you for choosing us

Shaelyn and Cade.jpg

March 20th Shaelyn and Cade, along with their beautiful family were married at Carmyns Place. Such a gorgeous day for these two to celebrate their big day. Congratulations Shaelyn and Cade. 

Photography by: Moon Productions & Photo

Jennafer and Erwin.jpg

Where do we start with these two? Two of the most grateful and appreciative people we have had the pleasure to work with. So clearly in love and an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding. Thank you  two for choosing us for your big day. 

Photography by: The Mini Maverick

Darcy and Jonathon.jpeg

Darcy and Jonathon were married March 13th. The absolute sweetest couple. Family came in from different states and celebrated these two and it was truly a beautiful wedding day. Congratulations Darcy and Jonathon

Photography by: Magnolia & Honey Photography


Our first Winter Wedding. Constance and Chad had an ABUNDANCE of family and friends that wanted to be involved in preparing and helping with their wedding. Friends decorated the barn in such a magical winter theme. The barn smelled of evergreen and pine. Constance made a beautiful bride and together the two of them danced the night away with this wonderful group of friends and family. Congratulations Constance and Chad and best wishes for a long and happy marriage. 12.9.21

Photography by: Karli Bennett Imagery


Lucas & Scarlet celebrated their wedding on a beautiful, sunny Saturday in November.  Not only was it a gorgeous day, but a day filled with loads of love from family and friends. Scarlet made such a BEAUTIFUL bride and he looked at her with such love in his eyes.  Guest were a witness to the most spectacular interpretive dance by the mother of the groom. Such a spirit filled, spirit led moment from such a loving mother. Thank you Lucas and Scarlet for allowing us the privilege of being a part of your big day.  Best wishes for many many years together and a long, happy and  BLESSED marriage 11.21.20

Photography by: Always Abbey Photography

DSC07707 (1).JPG

Colyn and Michael are family. Colyn is our daughter, and Michael is our son in law. They had a beautiful dream wedding with absolutely gorgeous weather. Colyn and Michael "met" in 6th grade. Their story is the sweetest. Dated all through High School then went their separate ways and ended up right back together. 11.14.20


Talk about a sweet couple. Zach and Kaitlyn had a gorgeous wedding. Thank you Zach and Kaitlyn for sharing your dream day with us. Best wishes for a long and happy life together. 11.7.20


Rose and David celebrated their big day on October 24th. A beautiful ceremony with a bride and groom that are truly crazy about each other, with their family and friends surrounding them. Thanks you Rose and David for choosing our barn for your magical day. 10.24.20

IMG_4017 (1).jpg

Rebekah and Michael- where do we start?  The most polite, soft spoken, organized bride. and his smile when he looked at her would melt any heart. The happiness on the face of both of them was so very obvious. Such a beautiful spirit filled day and stunning wedding. Thank you Rebekah and Michael for trusting Camryn's Place for your wedding day. We are forever grateful.


Hannah and Tyler, thank you so very much for allowing us the pleasure of working with you for your wedding. From the planning process to the end you guys made our jobs so easy and it was such a pleasure. Hannah, you were the most "thoughtful" bride I have ever witnessed. Not one thing went unnoticed by you. From the many gifts to others sitting in the bridal suite to thanking even my husband and I, you were so thoughtful. Best wishes to you and Tyler for a long and very happy marriage. 10.10.20

joe and carrie.jpg

Where do I start with these two. Two of the most humble people on this PLANET. They are so in love with each other and brought so much joy to us during the planning of their wedding. So much so that when they left the night of their wedding I was emotional at watching them walk away. Joe and Carrie, thank you so much for being such a pleasure to work with.


Kendon and Victoria booked us for the beautiful wedding reception. They were married down the road from the barn on a family farm. It was rainy afternoon but the rain did not disappoint these two and wow wow WOW did they make the most beautiful photographs. Their photographer knocked it out of the park. 

Thank you both for choosing Camryn's Place at Cane Creek for your beautiful day.  Best wishes for a long and happy marriage. 8.29.20

Photography by: 

Cody&Allison Photography

IMG_4003 (1).jpg

Mikayla and Ben had our first Sunday afternoon wedding. What a gorgeous afternoon with the sweetest bride and groom and family. Thank you both for choosing us for your BIG DAY. We are forever grateful.  Best wishes for a long, happy and beautiful marriage. 8.23.20


 Cheyenne and Abigail ..... as I write this post all I can think about is the way he looked at her. He kept a smile on his face throughout the ENTIRE ceremony and the test of the night. The two of them never let go of each other. What a beautiful thing to witness. And, the ceremony was filled with love for each other as well as GOD centered. What a pleasure for Kevin and I to have gotten to be a part. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU for sharing your day with us. Congratulation and best wishes for a long and BLESSED marriage. 6.19.20

Photography by: @hannahdainephotography

tori and ryder correct.jpg

How blessed are we at Camryn's Place to have had the PRIVILEGE to work with Tori and Ryder. This one is extra special because Tori was my student and Ryder was Kevin's student. We are so happy for your future and we love the fact that you trusted US with your big day. We love you guys.... CONGRATULATIONS
Photography: Lasting Impressions by Landree


This wedding for my husband and I was so very special. Our very first wedding EVER! Megan and Jeremy had the most precious wedding. What a beautiful love story. The sweetest of families and a BEAUTIFUL bride Megan was in her mothers wedding gown.  Thank you Megan and Jeremy for trusting us and believing in Camryn's Place. Best wishes for a long and very happy marriage. We wish you all the best. 3.21.20

Photography by:

Sara Grace Photography

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